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Q: What form of payment do you accept?

A: accept cash or check.

Q: When is the payment due?

A: The payment is due at the time of the shoot.

Q: How long does a portrait shoot last?

A: The shoots last roughly an hour.

Q: Can I bring multiple outfits (for myself and/or my kid(s)) to change into?

A: Sure, I don't mind, but just use your best judgement! The shoot will last about an hour, so just factor in the time to make an outfit change.

Q: How many outfits do you recommend?

A: I find it works best to keep it to one or two outfits. If you choose to do two (or more), I think it's best to come with two totally different looks then.

Q: What colors (for wardrobe) work best outdoors?

A: I think dark, bold, bright colors work the best. White and light colors have a tendency to get washed out.

Q: Even though this shoot is mainly for my child's 2 year birthday, can we still get family pictures taken?

A: Yep! I would love that. I'm basically yours for an hour, so we can break up that time however you'd like.

Q: Do you charge more if additional people outside of my immediate family join?

A: Well, each circumstance is different, so I'd be happy to quote you based on your situation.

Q: What happens if it's raining?

A: We either come up with a plan B, or we simply reschedule...no problem!